Getting Started With Drupal 6 (video series)

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The Getting Started With Drupal video series from Learn By The Drop provides a step-by-step guide to installing, configuring and creating content with the Drupal platform. Episodes can be viewed on the web in Flash format or downloaded in a QuickTime format that is compatible with your iPod Touch or iPhone.

Lesson #01: Installing Drupal On A Localhost
Lesson #02: Basic Site Configuration
Lesson #03: Installing A Contributed Theme
Lesson #04: Adding Important Contributed Modules
Lesson #05: Creating Content On Your Site
Lesson #06: Categorizing Content On Your Site
Lesson #07: Embedding Rich Media In Your Posts
Lesson #08: Customizing The Front Page Of Your Site
Lesson #09: Moving Localhost Site To The Web
Lesson #10: Site Administration Basics
Lesson #11: Configuring Comments And A Contact Form
Lesson #12: Content Ratings And Sharing Links
Lesson #13: Configuring User Profiles
Lesson #14: Multi-User Blog Setup
Lesson #15: Adding Community Features