Deploy your Drupal (Dev to Live)

Sync your Drupal Local and Live site files


Bitbucket (git);jsessionid=265105AEA14AC4B0988746653BF14CB1


cd YOUR_DRUPAL_ROOT_DIR/sites/default/files/
rsync -avr \
  --exclude=webform/* \
  --exclude=advagg_js/* \
  --exclude=advagg_css/* \
  --exclude=js/* \
  --exclude=css/* \
  --exclude=tmp/* \
  --exclude=tickets/* \
  --exclude=videos/* \
  --exclude=xmlsitemap/* \
  yourhost:/var/www/yoursite/sites/default/files/ .

Sync your database

The Deploy module is designed to allow developers to easily stage Drupal content from one site to another. Deploy automatically manages dependencies between objects (like node references).
Deploy Module Demo

Moving your local drupal site to a web server



Steps shown in the video include creating a domain, creating a web database, exporting the local drupal database and importing the exported database to the web database.