Drupal 6: Different ways of adding JavaScript to a page


  • Always use drupal_add_js() as this lets Drupal handle it i.e. preprocess/cache it.
  • All of the examples assume your JS is in a script file, but you can also include an “inline” script by sending it as a string for the first argument, and setting the second to “inline” e.g. drupal_add_js(‘alert(“Hello!”)’, ‘inline’);
  • If your script is in your theme directory, you can use path_to_theme() and then the relative path from there (with a preceding slash) e.g. path_to_theme().’/js/myscript.js’

1) Add a script to all pages
a) using template.php


b) using your theme’s .info file (the script needs to be somewhere within your theme directory)

scripts[] = script.js

2) Add a script to page(s) with a specific URL / URL pattern using template.php (the following will only add the script on site.com/my/page)
NOTE: if you are using URL aliases, you need to know the un-aliased version for this (see site.com/admin/build/path)

function mytheme_preprocess_page(&$vars) {
 if (arg(0) == 'my' && arg(1) == 'page' && arg(2) == null) {
 $vars['scripts'] = drupal_get_js();

OR use the following condition to add it to any pages that start with the URL site.com/my/page e.g. /my/page/1, /my/page/2, /my/page/2/edit etc.
if (arg(0) == ‘my’ && arg(1) == ‘page’) {…}

OR use the node ID
if (isset($vars[‘node’]) && $vars[‘node’]->nid == 23) {…}
OR apply to all nodes of a specific content type
if (isset($vars[‘node’]) && $vars[‘node’]->type == ‘book’) {…}
3) Add a script to a specific page by editing the page in Drupal, and setting the input format to “PHP code”


4) Add a script to a block, which you can then setup to be included in a specific page or set of pages


Also note that it is very similar to add stylesheets to pages. The function is drupal_get_css().


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